Rants from a Computer Engineer


6″ Cruiser Quadcopter (Aug 2018 – Present)

My first attempt at a FPV quadcopter build. The build rocks 2300kv motors and 6 in props for a compromise between power and flight times. You can watch my first FPV flight here.

Light Controller (Mar 2018 – Present)

More to come.

Micromouse (Jan 2014 – May 2014)

My senior year, Hardik Patel and I represented the University of Scranton in the IEEE SAC Conference. We placed first in the scratch micromouse competition. A video of the mouse can found here. The code that was used to power the Arduino here.

Automatic Bartender (Jan 2014 – May 2014)

For my senior robotics project. You can watch a video of it in action.