Quadcopter 2.0

GEPRC GEP-VX Series 250mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit We are going for a freestyle/cruiser build here so a decently large frame is in order here. I will admit that this frame was not my first choice. The Raggio Lungo was my first choice however it was out of stock when […]

BLE in Android

As state in my previous post, I have been playing around with the PSoC 4 BLE 4.1 Pioneer Kit. BLE in Android is more of an art than a science. The Bluetooth stack is notoriously flaky, even in recent versions of Android. Problems like GATT Error 133 and bad BLE […]

Another Year, Another Project

Currently started a new project for the year. I figured switching jobs and living situations wasn’t enough for me, so I started a new project. About 4 months ago I purchased the PSoC 4 Bluetooth® Low Energy Pioneer Kit. We had talked about it using a PSoC processor for our […]

Buying Equipment

One of the downsides of graduation college is that I no longer have access to the circuits/robotics lab. So I decided to invest in some equipment that will hopefully last me years to come. What would an electronics engineer be without his trusty soldering iron. So I decided to buy […]

Postgrad Project – Quadcopter

Well I graduated from college the past weekend with a BS in Computer Engineering. So naturally its time to take some time off and relax before I start my job at BAE Systems. And what better way to relax than to build a quadcopter.  These things always looked so neat […]


We did it! We got first in the micromouse competition. The link to the University of Scranton article can be found here.

Memory Issues on the Arduino Uno

As we are nearing the competition, I wanted test the algorithms on a bigger maze. The test maze that we have in the lab is 6×3. This maze is good for doing small tests but it is a far cry from the stress tests that I wanted to perform on […]

SAC and Micromouse

I have been hard at work on the the University of Scranton’s micromouse for the upcoming SAC competition. So far we have had some general success. I will be talking about it in future posts. Here I will include some basic information so you can check it out. The project […]

.NET 4.5 Released

If you haven’t heard already Microsoft just released version 4.5 of the .NET framework. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Cleaning Up Actions with ModelBinders

In my last post I showed a controller action which contained a lot of boilerplate code. When the action of a controller accepts the id of an entity the first section of code of that action is always … Make sure the id exists, if not show error or 404 […]