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Quadcopter 2.0

GEPRC GEP-VX Series 250mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit We are going for a freestyle/cruiser build here so a decently large frame is in order here. I will admit that this frame was not my first choice. The Raggio Lungo was my first choice however it was out of stock when […]

BLE in Android

As state in my previous post, I have been playing around with the PSoC 4 BLE 4.1 Pioneer Kit. BLE in Android is more of an art than a science. The Bluetooth stack is notoriously flaky, even in recent versions of Android. Problems like GATT Error 133 and bad BLE […]

Another Year, Another Project

Currently started a new project for the year. I figured switching jobs and living situations wasn’t enough for me, so I started a new project. About 4 months ago I purchased the PSoC 4 Bluetooth® Low Energy Pioneer Kit. We had talked about it using a PSoC processor for our […]

Buying Equipment

One of the downsides of graduation college is that I no longer have access to the circuits/robotics lab. So I decided to invest in some equipment that will hopefully last me years to come. What would an electronics engineer be without his trusty soldering iron. So I decided to buy […]