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Another Year, Another Project

Currently started a new project for the year. I figured switching jobs and living situations wasn’t enough for me, so I started a new project. About 4 months ago I purchased the PSoC 4 Bluetooth® Low Energy Pioneer Kit. We had talked about it using a PSoC processor for our graduate school project a while back but could not use it because of FAA regulations. But ever since the technology and capabilities of the PSoC processor have always impressed me. The ability to create your own peripherals out of Verilog code is extremely powerful in a world of ever changing protocols. Coupled with BLE 4.1 and you basically have an unstoppable processor for anything IoT. If only I had the knowledge about these processors when I built the Automatic Bartender. Having a stepper motor controller in Verilog would have made the linear actuator an order of magnitude faster. But I digress. This new project will include both an Android application and PSoC firmware that communicate over a BLE link. The mircocontroller will act as the GATT server while the Android device will act as a GATT peripheral. More details and tutorials will be coming soon as I break of each piece and try to create a digestible part so that Google can easily link to it.


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